Content Management

Video Quote Product Features:

  • The Leadership and Achievement Video Quote Series may be licensed and private labeled. Custom or specific content can be produced for corporate and academic purchasers. See FAQ and Pricing.
  • A video series consists of twelve monthly topics. Each clip is customized with your company/organization/school name, logo and video title/sub-title. A “Call to Action” can also direct viewers to your website, sign up page, etc. Various options are available.
  • A quote and relevant video is the basis for each topic. Each video clip and narration including Introduction is about 45 to 60 seconds in length.
  • Individual selections or the entire Leadership Video Quote Series may be purchased for online distribution to employees/students for educational training or used businesses can use Video Quotes for promotional and marketing purposes to existing and prospective clients.
  • For convenient use, Video Quotes are available for viewing on PC, laptop, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Each video can be sent by email or published on your website. It may also be made available on YouTube, Facebook, Company Blog, LinkedIn, and other content marketing channels including industry and media publications. We arrange for hosting on Vimeo, so there is no video publishing considerations.
  • Not for profit organizations including schools may use our crowdfunding program to pay for purchases.

Content Management:

  • Content marketing is the development of online information designed to attract and engage an audience.
  • Content marketing is not a direct sales promotion. The objective is to provide initial information of interest to viewers.
  • The purpose of content marketing is to direct the audience to then respond to an online action, such as going to a website, downloading a PDF or requesting additional company/product information.