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The Video Quote Series for digital marketing consists of important quotes associated with wisdom and all the elements of our human nature. Each video is short, concise, educational and about one minute.

Our collection of historical and famous quotes from notable people is a source of inspiration to many individuals. Each topic offers business, career and social advice from history’s recognized leaders in politics, business, education, art and science, social justice, philosophy, conflict and literature.

Short, Concise, Informative and Educational One Minute Message

Digital marketing including social media and video is now the primary method of engaging people. The Video Quote Series provides both famous and historical quotations with video segments to deliver a message that is still timeless and relevant today.

Our selection of quotes are not contrived expressions, but meaningful words and remarks captured from history and life’s experiences throughout history. We have all been influenced by familiar quotes from Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Pericles and other famous men and women.

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Great Prints and Quotes – Complete with Print, Mat and Frame

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An original engraving and your choice of a quote is carefully reproduced on antique parchment paper. An individual, such as Benjamin Franklin may have several quotes you can select. A print is custom matted and available in a cherry finish or gold tone solid hardwood frame. We have over 500 prints and quotes!

Customers throughout the United States and the world enjoy our products. A framed print with an engraving and famous quote is a great gift or a nice decorating touch to your home or office.

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