Business and Commercial Use

Here are some questions we receive:

Q. What is the purchase price of the Video Quote Series?

A. The annual licensing fee is $500.00 or $50.00 monthly for a one year commercial use subscription and includes 12 videos (select a series). Series One is Topics One to Twelve. See Business Series.

For convenience, we can also host all videos on Vimeo and YouTube with your private or public url. You may also request the name of your company in the Introduction and a message in the Ending. Additional video or audio changes are also possible.

For maximum effectiveness and to achieve continuity with users a subscriber typically delivers a different video monthly to users. An archive of previous videos is also maintained for reference by users.

An Optional Custom Designed Quote Mobile App is $1,500 and $250 annually.

You can send your video quote in an email, publish on a company website, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

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Q. How can a business use quote videos?

A. A business can use quote video for:

  • Education – Quote video provide employees with short topics of interest regarding management, leadership and business skills.
  • Marketing – A company can use quote videos in digital marketing on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to attract attention of existing and future clients either as a teaser leading to company/product info or as a learning tool.
  • Image – A short and meaningful video quote on the home page or the contact us page can enhance the image of your company.


Q. Where do you get your engravings?

A. Most of our portraits are stipple engravings done in the 1800 and 1900’s, before photography. In some instances, we produce modern engravings using old techniques.

Q. Do you have more videos?

A. Our library includes over 250 engravings and quotations of different individuals and additional videos are in production for future distribution. If you have an idea or request, let us know.

Q. Why don’t you have videos from Martin Luther King or other individuals?

A. There is a law called the right of publicity The right of publicity, often called personality rights, is the right of an individual to control the commercial use of his or her name, image, likeness, or other unequivocal aspects of one’s identity. It is generally considered a property right as opposed to a personal right, and as such, the validity of the Right of Publicity can survive the death of the individual (to varying degrees depending on the jurisdiction). Unless the figure is a public individual, such as a president the individual or estate controls the use of his/her images and speeches usually for 50 years after death. This is the reason you do not see Elvis, Marilyn Monroe or other celebrity images on T-shirts, unless the company producing the item has permission.

Q. Can you add a video for another person or quotation?

A. In most instances, we can add a video for an individual. Let us know which one.

Q. Do you sell prints of quotations?

A. For home, business office, or conference room; schools and colleges, and also for gifts you can buy prints of individuals with a quotation including mat and frame at Famous Quote Gallery